3 Ways We’re Better Than Uber and Lyft

3 Ways We’re Better Than Uber and Lyft      

Uber passenger using the app to pay a fare

3 Ways We’re Better Than Uber and Lyft

Amrani Chauffeurs gets it- the convenience of ride-sharing apps and other similar services can feel tough to beat at first glance. There are probably one hundred small reasons you would prefer their services for Logan and Manchester Airport transportation, but we can think of three huge ways we’re better than Lyft and Uber that show just how much superior our services are.

Our drivers know the airport ins and outs

Choosing an Uber means of all the thousands of drivers in the area, you might receive one of many who is still getting used to our local airports. Stress less with Amrani drivers because each is a seasoned and trained professional who understands the complexities of our airports and the best ways to navigate them and get you to your destination on time.

We will never leave you stranded

If you planned to use an Uber or Lyft the same day your flight was delayed 4 hours, you might not know if there will be anyone available to get you. Even if you request a ride, there’s no guarantee they will show. With Amrani, we will be waiting for you through the delays and other circumstances that might set back your schedule, and we will wait for your phone call with a smile.

We’re actually allowed at airport arrivals

Did you know that at many airports, including Logan, a majority of Uber and Lyft drivers cannot pick up at arrivals unless they meet specific qualifications and have the appropriate paperwork? Luckily, that is never a problem with Amrani Chauffeurs. We’re professionals who have taken all the steps to ensure your ride will be waiting right outside the door. The biggest difference? We’re dedicated to you, not our rates. Amrani Chauffeurs has been around for years in our community because we’re able to provide door-to-door services for our customers and give them the experience these impersonal ride-sharing apps are not capable of.

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