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There’s something about taxis that seem so appealing to those who don’t use them often. It might be the way they are depicted in movies with big cities- like they can save someone from all their problems in the big city just by whistling and holding their hand in the air. Though a taxi might be a cheap option- the services often reflect the price. There are so many reasons you should consider an Andover, MA car service instead of a taxi, but here are just a few:

Vehicles are nicer and well maintained

With taxis, so many people are in and out of the cab throughout a single day, there is bound to be more wear and tear, especially without the cleaning standards car services have. Every time you get a car service, you will know it was cleaned and catered to your needs as a customer.

Often easier to estimate accurate departures and arrivals

Taxi services, similar to many of the ride-sharing apps, are not on a strict schedule. They are more likely to show up to your location to pick you up, but even some taxi companies do not hold their drivers accountable to those demands, and you could be left stranded or extremely late to your destination.

You will know who you’re getting in the car with

Working with a reputable car service means you know you’re getting in a vehicle with a professional driver who is committed to your safety. When you get in a taxi, you never know exactly what you will get or how your ride will end up.

Car services are door-to-door

When you choose a company like Amrani, you choose an unparalleled door-to-door service you will never receive with a taxi company. We are known for going the extra mile for our customers because we are able you, not able the tab at the end of the ride. Choosing a car service in Andover, MA when you have Amrani available to you. Book with us, and you’ll wonder how you ever traveled another way again. With more questions or to book our car services, please contact the team at Amrani today by calling (617) 631-5109.
Amrani Chauffeurs works with families all the time because we are a go-to car service in Andover, MA for parents. Our drivers are often accompanying children to their appointments, to the airport, and any other destination because we provide the services and standards they need. Not everyone will utilize us, and we know you might be wondering how to choose a car service that is appropriate for children. For that, our experts have a few suggestions.

Utilize references

Often, local companies are ideal for car services for children because they are operated by individuals who have children themselves. Ask for recommendations from your child’s school, friends, parents, and others. They could have the perfect recommendation that meets all of your needs and more.

Ask about driver criteria

Do they hire many drivers and have a low standard or do they take the time to vet all of their potential drivers to guarantee safety? Learning more about those who will be escorting your child is an excellent way to get a feel for the company’s requirements, their goals, and what they can provide your family.

Ask about vehicle conditions

You would never want your child in an older car that is not up to par with your preferences. Never be afraid to ask about the year, make, and model of their vehicles, ask about their last inspections, and more. Your child’s safety is essential, and these small details matter when they will be traveling.

Ask about their process

Not all car companies are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Are they available by phone? Do they accompany your child into the airport or their appointments to ensure their safe arrival? Do they update you with their child’s location? Asking these questions can mean the difference between mediocre care and stellar performance. Fortunately, choosing a car service in Andover is easy with Amrani. We a professional, family-owned car service that strives to be the premier transportation service for our customers. We work with families regularly to ensure their child makes it to and from their destination comfortably and safely. With more questions, please contact us today by calling (617) 631-5109.

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